My Debut on National Television… with a few speed bumps

Posted: October 28, 2014 by admin

I had an opportunity to appear on Fox Business News for a show called Risk and Reward with Deidre Bolton.  They reached out to us a few months ago and asked us to be on the show for a 5 minute startup spotlight.  The Fox team was incredibly informative and helpful.

As you can imagine, for my first appearance on national TV, my nerves were firing hotter than usual.  To complicate matters, my twins have been waking my wife and me up several times a night for the past few weeks.  Sleep deprivation is a sure-fire way to take one off his or her game.

My marketing guy and I walked into a studio called MediaOne on Battery Street which acts as a remote studio for several television shows.  They film you and transmit the recording to HQ with about a 15 second delay.  These guys are real pros and are super helpful.

Inside, the individual studios are about 15 feet by 15 feet rooms painted black with a background screen and a small desk.  There are two extremely bright lights and a large camera lens where you direct your commentary.  Since there is a delay, there’s no way to see yourself and your only connection to the outside world is a little earbud that they place in your ear.    While in many ways, the interview was like a telephone conversation, I needed to remind myself that my actions, facial expressions, etc. would be televised.  No one wants a deadpan guest, right?

I sat down behind the desk, got wired up, and then… had a coughing fit.  Perhaps, some water went down the wrong pipe – who knows – but I couldn’t stop and I had to run to the bathroom.  Ugh…

When the fit ended, I came back and felt I was ready, but the lights just seemed so darn bright to me.  Nonetheless, the interview began and I was off to the races.  I thought the questions were good and hopefully my answers made sense, but my eyes started killing me.  Unfortunately, I started to blink… a lot.  I knew there was nothing to do about it and I knew that I couldn’t shield my eyes from the light, but I just persevered.

In the end, I thought it went OK.  When I asked my mom what she thought she said, “You blinked too much, but we still love you.”  Thanks mom…

Here it is…

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